We introduced a new generation product to the Czech market

Thanks to the trained teams of brand ambassadors, in the autumn of 2019, throughout the Czech Republic, we introduced a complete innovation of our client, vapping equipment, to customers on the GECO network. This device is up to 95% less harmful alternative to conventional cigarettes.
It does not contain tobacco but only nicotine-containing fillings. You can choose from 6 flavors - tobacco, menthol, polar, green apple, blueberry and strawberry.

Customers could also try out the device during the promotion of brand ambassadors.

Promo House for Lunter even in Czech Republic

At the beginning of 2020 we introduced new variants of vegetable spreads together with a Slovak client. The spreads do not contain preservatives, dyes or artificial ingredients and are 100% vegetable alternatives to animal cream cheeses. Tastings took place in large regional cities throughout the Czech Republic. Customers could taste 4 types of cream spreads - natural, garlic, cape and dill. The spreads can be used as a dip or natural versions as the main ingredient for great cheesecake. Enjoy your meal.

Our teams support sales at the border with Germany and Austria

Our sales teams can be found at border crossings between the Czech Republic and Germany or Austria as well. It is at the borders that they support sales through targeted sales talks and attractive gift mechanics at independent market outlets. Our agency Promo House provides this project for our client turn-key.